The Night We Burned Bay Magnolia Down

The Night We Burned Bay Magnolia Down.jpg


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The Night We Burned Bay Magnolia Down


Author: The Alabama Housewife

A native of Heflin, Alabama, Mary Alayne has deep roots in the Deep South and thrives on all that small town life has to offer. Always one to care for others, she revels in the pleasures of motherhood and enjoys being an "Alabama Housewife" to the fullest. Mary Alayne is a freelance writer who loves to share stories about the Southern lifestyle, beautiful interior design and the importance of etiquette in everyday life. She is a devoted supporter of several non-profit organizations and often uses her voice to share their stories. She writes The Un-Solicited Opinions Of The Alabama Housewife, a recurring column at Good Grit Magazine and is a regular contributor for the Laurel Mercantile Journal. Her first book: A Mother's Prayers For Her High School Son is available at Amazon and where ever books are sold. Look for her next book: Stirring Up Trouble! Good Food, Good Friends and Good Times with The Alabama Housewife coming soon to a book shop near you. Mary Alayne and her husband Rick have two children, Jake and Sadie Sue, and they split their time between Birmingham, Alabama and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

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